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Captain Keith Colburn
Captain Keith Colburn
F/V Wizard - Deadliest Catch TV Show
"The Wizard recently added Globalstar to our communications equipment. Today's connectivity is through our smart phones with texting, emails, and voice. Staying in contact with onshore vendors is vital to my remote fishing business. Globalstar has delivered! All of my communication is now simple, immediate and consistent. Connectivity and communication is right at my fingertips. Globalstar has delivered reliable satellite communication to my smart phone. Keeping me in touch, and improving the way I do business, and allowing me to stay closer to my kids."

Captain Dave Carraro
F/V Tuna.com - Wicked Tuna TV Show
"I just got introduced to the Globalstar GSP-1700 satellite phone and 9600 data hotspot so I can stay connected all summer long as we continue to reel in tuna. I'll have the ability to make calls, send emails and should an emergency occur, contact first responders. After trying it out over the last few weeks, I have to say it's a "must-have" for every boat out there. And because of communicating with the other boat using our sat phone, we moved and caught a 700 pounder."
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Captain Dave Marciano
F/V Hard Merchandise - Wicked Tuna TV Show
"Having a Globalstar sat phone on my boat is a great feeling knowing that we wander all sorts of places to find the best fish. If I need to make a call, I don't need to worry about cell service and it works great."

13Fifty Racing Team

"Having the ability to stay connected to my world is invaluable. From a personal and professional standpoint, GlobalStar provides the link I need." -Mark Watson, international businessman and ocean racer.
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Captain Barry Gibson
Captain Barry Gibson
45 Year Charter Fisherman
"Besides my automatic life raft, my GSP-1700 is probably the most important piece of safety equipment I carry on my charter boat. I've learned that you need to be prepared for any situation that comes up and the ability to get a clear phone call quickly is peace-of-mind that allows me to focus my efforts on the job I'm paid to do -- putting my clients on fish!"
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New Orleans East Hospital
Backup Communications is a Necessity For Hospitals
Pendleton Memorial Methodist did not return after Katrina. The land where the hospital stood lay unused until July of 2014, at which time The New Orleans East Hospital officially opened for patients. Gary King, who is responsible for all purchasing related to the hospital, was a member of the team that helped open the new hospital. One of Gary's responsibilities was deciding what the hospital would use for emergency preparedness communications.

Gary needed backup communications that are reliable, so he talked to staff members about their experience at other facilities and the staff put Globalstar on Gary's radar. "The referral from our staff put Globalstar in front of me, but the affordability of it was the determining factor." New Orleans East Hospital now has five mobile satellite phones ready to use in case of an emergency. Gary and his staff are confident that if something does ever happen, they can rely on their Globalstar phones to communicate.
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Alaska Health Clinic
Communications Is Critical In Remote Alaska
For over 30 years, Maniilaq Association has provided health, tribal, and social services to approximately 7,500 residents of rural Northwest Alaska. Robert Berger is the Director, Facility Support Services, of the association's health center, which offers state-of-the art, top quality primary care to these residents. The nearest health care facility that isn't a critical access hospital is over 600 miles away.

Government officials provided the association with 12 Globalstar fixed satellite phone systems, one for each of their clinics. The only way to get from clinic to clinic in this road-less region of Alaska is by air or snow machine - so in times of emergency, seamless communication is critical. Robert traveled to each of the eleven villages after installation and tested each of the phones himself. "I was extremely pleased to find that each phone worked perfectly with zero communication delays," commented Berger. "I have had a phenomenal experience with Globalstar. Their products work where and when you need them and offer excellent communication abilities."

Disaster Tech Lab
Disaster Tech Lab Supports Refugees in Greece
The remote areas of Lesbos where Disaster Tech Lab works have virtually non-existent cellular coverage and a severe lack of terrestrial telecom infrastructure. Satellite networks provide the only reliable operable communications available.

"Globalstar satellite phones are the only way many of these refugees can make a quick call to family back home, letting them know they have arrived safely. We have seen people forgo medical treatment for the opportunity to use a satellite phone; these communications are really helping people in the most desperate need." - Evert Bopp, Founder of Disaster Tech Lab
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General Honoré Approved
"Communication is key before, during and after disasters. Make sure Globalstar is part of your disaster plan." – General Honoré
Lt. General Russel L. Honoré, U.S. Army (retired) knows a thing or two about being prepared. He led the task force that restored order in New Orleans and other affected areas and has once again teamed up with Globalstar to raise awareness of the irreplaceable role that our satellite phone solutions play in emergency and disaster relief situations.
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Jay Scott

"I lean heavily on my Globalstar Sat phone when I am in many of the remote areas of the world hunting and fishing. Being able to communicate gives my family a great sense of peace to hear my voice. It is also great to be able to maintain contact with many of my business associates while I am deep in the mountains of Mexico or other wild places"
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Steven Nyman
Downhill Skier, 3x Olympian and Avid Adventurer
"Globalstar is a lifesaver for me traveling through the mountains of the world! Sometimes connections can be in and out and always relying on finding internet to communicate is rugged. With my Globalstar phone I can contact the people I need to wherever I am!"


Northern Tier National High Adventure Programs
Leslie Thibodeaux, Director of Program
"Any number of things can go wrong out in the wilderness. Our crews carry Globalstar sat phones in case of emergency. We know we can count on them." Read Northern Tier's full testimonial >>
Leslie Thibodeaux