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Corporate Governance

Highlights | Board of Directors | Section 16 Officers and Senior Management

James (Jay) Monroe III

Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer

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David Kagan

President and COO, Globalstar

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L. Barbee Ponder IV

General Counsel and Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

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Rebecca S. Clary

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

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Tim Taylor

Vice President of Finance, Business Operations & Strategy

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Gregory C. Ewert

Group President, Automotive & Intelligent Transport Solutions

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Jim Mandala

Vice President and General Manager, International Sales, Canada and Europe

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Wen Doong

Vice President of Engineering

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Jake Rembert

Vice President of Sales, United States, Africa, and Central and South America

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James Seese

Vice President of Administration

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Chris Gray

Vice President of Project Management

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Kyle Pickens

Vice President of Strategy and Communications

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James Kilfeather

Vice President, Emerging Technologies

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Kerry Greer

Vice President, Product Engineering

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