Blog > April 2020 > Satellite Technology Within the Maritime Industry
Satellite technology is applicable in a variety of business uses. For one client, buoys provide valuable input into the state of ocean currents, to provide routing strategies and in some cases, safer passage.

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Real time monitoring and reporting provides valuable insight to those managing a fleet. 

For many in the maritime industry monitoring and forecasting is an essential business component for offshore operators. Real-time information regarding eddies and current velocities is important not only for planning purposes but for the purpose of driving efficiency and safety.

Real-time monitoring of oceanographic events, through satellite tracked drifting buoys allows businesses access to information and mapping of ocean phenomena for up to the minute situation awareness. This can help to provide routing strategies, keeping steering on track and reducing down time.

Through satellite technology, Globalstar can provide low cost solutions to allow customers the opportunity to integrate satellite connectivity for uses like buoy tracking. Our SmartOne Solar is a solar powered asset management that features NiMH rechargeable batteries which deliver up to 10 years of life, drastically reducing maintenance time and cost for labor and parts. While, products like SPOT my Globalstar provide real-time tracking data and reporting.