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How do I share my tracking with other people?

To share tracking in near real-time, we recommend creating a Shared View from within your mapping page of your SPOT account and sending the link to your contacts. If you prefer to share your location information after you finish your trip, creating a SPOT Adventure will allow you to import your location and messaging activity.

Creating a Shared View is an excellent way to share your messaging and tracking activity with family, friends, and colleagues.

To create a Shared View, please follow the steps below:

On the SPOT Mapping page, click on the Shared View icon  Share  and select the Add Item icon  Add . Select the Add Shared View icon Share to begin creating a Shared View. Complete the required fields and customize your Shared View by selecting your preferences. Click on the Create Shared View button when done. 

Don't forget to send the Shared View page to your friends and family. Click here to learn how.