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SPOT R.A.P. is a 24/7 roadside vehicle assistance program that gets help for you and your car, SUV, ATV, RV, trailer or motorcycle with the simple push of a button.

R.A.P. Terms and Conditions

Only the Primary Subscriber of Record for your SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger is able to request Roadside Assistance via the Toll-Free Number. The NSD Dispatcher will verify the Primary Subscriber’s eligibility by obtaining your name, the applicable Producer Code (75721), the applicable Plan (E) and the SPOT ESN (located under the battery of your SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger). If not able to verify eligibility, the NSD dispatcher will provide the option of still dispatching Roadside Assistance. In this event, you will have to pay for the cost of the service. Your plan, Plan E, includes the following Roadside Assistance: towing (up to 50 miles (80 km) per tow), extrication, accident assistance, road service, fluid delivery, tire service, battery service, lost-key or lockout service (into passenger compartment only), at your location. Plan E covers up to five (5) towing/roadside assistance events annually. Once you have incurred five (5) events, a tow truck will still be dispatched but you will be responsible for any required payments.  In the event that you are eligible for Roadside Assistance, but such service is either 1) not-dispatched, or 2) provided on a cash-basis; you will be able to follow the NSD guidelines to submit any eligible costs of such Roadside Assistance services to NSD for reimbursement. NSD will determine if any of the expenses qualify for actual reimbursement in accordance with their standard guidelines and procedures at their sole discretion.

  • Must be with your vehicle when the service provider arrives
  • Your vehicle must be within 300 meters of the first GPS location transmitted by the SPOT 
  • Vehicle must be within 100 meters of a regularly maintained roadway
  • The NSD Roadside Assistance Service is NOT offered in roadless areas regularly not traveled, such as vacant lots, beaches, open fields or other places which are hazardous for tow trucks to reach
  • Response times are normally under two (2) hours but can vary depending on the remoteness of your location, the weather and current towing call volume
  • When initiating the R.A.P. message, transmission will last up to an hour and the message will have to be re-initiated if needed (excluding SPOT X)
  • SPOT X will only send one initial message, but two-way communication will be available with Nation Safe Drivers.

IMPORTANT: Roadside Assistance is to be used only for roadside services, it is not to be considered an emergency response service

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