Call Forwarding

Globalstar offers the Call Forwarding feature on the GSP 1600 Tri-mode Phone, the GSP 1700 and on the GSP 2900 Fixed Satellite Phone. You can route your incoming calls to a selected number. 

Your Call Forwarding options include:
  • Unconditional Call Forward (All Calls).
  • Diverts all your calls to another number. Please note that while in this mode, your phone will not ring even if it is switched on.
No Answer Call Forward
This feature can be activated when you wish to have calls forwarded when you are away from your phone. If you don't answer your phone after several rings or your phone is turned off, the call will be forwarded to your selected number. 

Busy Call Forward
  • This feature can be activated to route all your incoming calls to a selected phone number when you are busy on other calls.
  • Call forwarding minutes are not counted as part of your satellite minutes.
  • All Call Forwarding features are billed at a rate of 15 cents per minute, rounded to the next full minute for the duration of the call.
  • Voice mail will not register any messages until the Call Forwarding feature is turned off.
  • To activate the Call Forwarding feature, your phone must be in Satellite mode, not cellular.
  • Call Forwarding is not available on the FAU-200.
*Only the first bullet point is applicable to Sat-Fi2


Exclusive Toll Free Dialing

The only satellite phones with toll free dialing capabilities.
When you rely on your phone for constant communications, you need to be able to dial national toll free numbers in use by government, business, and even individuals around the country. These "800", "877" numbers have become an integral part of the North American telecommunications system. Globalstar will complete your calls to all national toll-free numbers. Standard airtime rates apply.

Calls to local or regional toll free numbers may not be completed as dialed. Some local or regional toll-free numbers are designed to only complete calls coming from specific area codes.