STINGR Development Kit

Satellite Transmitter with Integrated GPS

The STINGR Dev Kit allows customers to learn how to communicate with and issue manual commands to the STINGR module over the Globalstar Satellite Network.

The STINGR Development Kit is an easy way for a user to learn and use the Globalstar STINGR module. The kit incorporates the STINGR in a reference design that allows a user to communicate over the Globalstar  Satellite network. An accompanying software tool, StingrDevTool, allows the user to communicate with the STINGR module and observe communications as well as issue manual commands to the STINGR module to be sent over the Globalstar satellite network. The StingrDevTool will also allow the user to observe the GPS system and determine when the module has a fix on the GPS network.

A STINGR Dev Kit Manual as well as a Quick Start Guide are available to get a user up to speed quickly using the STINGR Dev Kit.

NOTE: The STINGR Dev Kit is for evaluation purposes only; it is not FCC approved for resale. Review User Manual for further regulatory information.
Coverage Map
Orange Block Primary Coverage
Fringe Coverage Diagonal Lines Fringe Coverage
(Customers should expect to experience weakest signal)


Completion rates based on Remote Telemetry Units (RTU) that are set to transmit a single packet message 3-times (the original transmission plus 2-repeats) in the frequency appropriate for the given regions. This is an estimate of coverage only. Actual Remote Telemetry coverage may vary based on terminal location, terrain features, signal strength, and other factors affecting satellite communications. Coverage may vary. Specifications subject to change without notice. This map indicates areas of potential satellite coverage only. Actual availability of service in any particular country may be subject to government approval.
Globalstar, A Sole Source Provider
Globalstar and SPOT products appeal to local, state, and federal entities for several reasons.  Globalstar is a sole source provider meaning that we are responsible for engineering and manufacturing our products as well as ownership, maintenance, and upkeep of the satellite constellation that they operate on. This makes us a one-stop shop for agencies that prefer to work direct and like having potential access to information from all aspects of the organization’s operations.