Blog > December 2020 > Globalstar, A Sole Source Provider
Globalstar and SPOT products appeal to local, state, and federal entities for several reasons.  Globalstar is a sole source provider meaning that we are responsible for engineering and manufacturing our products as well as ownership, maintenance, and upkeep of the satellite constellation that they operate on. This makes us a one-stop shop for agencies that prefer to work direct and like having potential access to information from all aspects of the organization’s operations. 

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Technological advancements outpace extended development time and government agencies need products that are ready to deploy.  Accordingly, acquisition managers are increasingly pressed to come through with equipment and services to fit operational needs now.  Globalstar does not have massive contracts that lead to years of product development.  Our products are economical, ready to deploy right off the shelf, and meant to be used on a daily basis.  Agencies won’t have Globalstar products collecting dust in some supply cage; they will utilize these assets in parallel with their daily operational tempo. 

The ability to work direct also provides government organizations with an account manager who is available to answer questions on the fly and a 24/7 Customer Relations Department that is always available for support.  Another typical hang-up these agencies may see is in the tax exemption process.  As a one-stop shop, we easily execute a seamless tax exemption process through a simple exchange of appropriate documentation and then taxes are never charged in the first place.