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Tracking and Monitoring

Commercial maritime and fishing operations, large scale energy production, scientific expeditions, forestry, utilities, mining and search and rescue are just a few of the many industries that often operate in areas beyond the range of cell towers. Many organizations in a varied fields, benefit from Satellite GPS Tracking solutions.

Problem: Argentina has some of the best conditions on the planet for renewable wind power. Wind farms are making life much easier for Argentinian people. Many of these energy farms are located miles from any cellular coverage.

Solution: Communications satellite GPS (such as the SPOT TRACE or SmartOne products paired with SPOT My Globalstar) can be used to map routes to installation sites, track the transportation of the windmill parts, keep tabs on the building process, and monitor the standing windmills over time.
Problem: Research organizations and institutions often deliver scientists, expensive instruments, vehicles, and gear to scarcely populated parts of the planet, whether to investigate new species, perform medical research, or dig up dinosaur bones. Expeditions to the mountains of Indonesia, Peru, and Madagascar, for example, will put scientists and their guides very far out of cellular range.

Solution: Satellite Communication (such as the SPOT TRACE or SmartOne products paired with the SPOT My Globalstar and the SPOT Gen4) can be used to monitor the locations of both vehicles and scientific equipment, sending real-time location data and even emergency alerts 24/7 to people back home.
Problem: More commonly familiar in day to day life are TV news mobile units and crews. Reporters and support crew, cameras, sound equipment, helicopters, and vans are often sent to disaster zones in which all cellular communication is down, or to remote international communities with no cell coverage, to report on important events.

Solution: Satellite communication (such as the SPOT TRACE or SmartOne products paired with the SPOT My Globalstar and the SPOT Gen4) can be combined with the broadcast capabilities of mobile news units to help producers keep tabs on vehicles, equipment and other valuable assets, as well as personnel.
Satellite communications is both fascinating and useful in many ways. As far as GPS tracking goes, it can provide immense security for people embarking on dangerous or simply adventurous endeavors.