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STX3 Development Kit

STX3 Development Kit

With Bluetooth

The STX3 Development Kit with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is an easy way to get set up and send your custom messages over the Globalstar Satellite Network. An accompanying mobile app (compatible with iOS and Android) allows users to issue commands to send accelerometer data, humidity and/or temperature readings from onboard sensors. Through the mobile app, users can also manually send user-defined custom data via the STX3 module through the Globalstar Satellite Network.

The STX3 Development Kit itself comes with 60 days of pre-authorized satellite usage time. All customer-designed end products designed with the STX3 Module will require Globalstar Network Certification. We recommend you contact our Globalstar Product Certification Team as early as possible in your development cycle.

Click here to download Demo Activation Form.

NOTE: The STX3 Dev Kit is for evaluation purposes only; it is not FCC approved for resale. Review User Manual for further regulatory information.