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Jamie McLennan

Kennecott Mining Exploration Co.

Throughout North and Central America, Kennecott Mining Exploration Co. operates active projects showing promise for a variety of base and precious metals. The company also enjoys continuing success with its diamond search. These pursuits often take place in extremely secluded areas. For safety and efficiency, Kennecott needed to keep their workforce connected.
"We needed phones that would work anywhere in the exploration fields, as our employees often get dropped off by a helicopter in the middle of nowhere," says Jamie McLennan, Kennecott’s.
Kennecott is a leader in mineral exploration and evaluation. They have four regional offices in North America, a head office in Salt Lake City, and a laboratory in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. With this scattered brick-and-mortar footprint, plus extensive field sites, Kennecott Exploration had tried many satellite communication products to tie everyone together. That’s when McLennan heard about Globalstar through trade shows and a local telecommunications dealer.
After purchasing the first Globalstar GSP-1700 Mobile Satellite Phone Kennecott Exploration quickly upgraded to nine handsets. For corporate leadership, the phone’s affordability and cost-saving potential serves as a major bonus. With the purchase of specific airtime plans, the phone comes either free or extremely discounted and it allows companies like Kennecott to manage business directly from worksites, rather than budgeting for travel and time to reach areas covered by cellular service.
"The Globalstar phone has saved us thousands of dollars," says McLennan. "For example, it helps us to cut down on lost time as well as helicopter time.”
Kennecott often flies crews out to sites via helicopters. Now, in the case of an equipment malfunction, the crew simply has to make a call to have any needed parts flown out to their location. In addition to this reliable connection, the phone’s small size and light weight are also appreciated in the tight confines of the helicopters, especially in comparison to other satellite communication products.
Employees of Kennecott Exploration not only find the Globalstar satellite phone to be convenient, but they also appreciate the handset’s crystal-clear reception. They’ve found Globalstar to be the best all-around satellite communications product on the market.
According to McLennan, the phones are used every day.
"We do not put a crew out without a phone," says McLennan. "And having the satellite and cell capability is also a great benefit because, in an industry where your employees are constantly moving from one site to another, it is imperative that they have a mode of communication that is both flexible and convenient."
Above all, safety is the primary purpose of the Globalstar Satellite Phones.