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Captain Barry Gibson

45 Year Charter Fisherman

Captain Barry Gibson has been a force in the charter fishing business for over 45 years. His 28-foot Whitewater center-console makes trips up to 40 miles offshore, out of cellular and VHF radio coverage. He goes wherever is necessary to pursue cod, haddock and bluefin tuna and also fishes extensively in the freshwater trout rivers and lakes in Maine, where cellular coverage is unreliable.
In case an emergency arises with the boat or a passenger, Gibson needs a dependable method of communication with the Coast Guard. The satellite technology he initially used proved to be unsatisfactory. He felt let down by both the quality of the voice connection and the customer service provided by the company. Fortunately, he  found Globalstar.
In 2012, Gibson purchased his first satellite phone  to keep his crew and passengers safe. “I was disappointed with the acquisition time and how the phone produced an annoying echo,” he says.
He also says that the customer service with this particular company fell seriously short. “On several occasions, I was erroneously charged a termination fee or found charges on my credit card that were more than what was stated to me verbally by the sales representative,” says Gibson. “And it was difficult and time-consuming to obtain the appropriate credits.”
As the monthly saltwater fishing columnist for Maine Sportsman, Gibson learned about Globalstar in 2015. The magazine asked him to test a GSP-1700 Mobile Satellite Phone and Globalstar’s satellite service on his charter boat in the Gulf of Maine. Gibson says he was “truly impressed with acquisition time and the clarity of the signal. It was as clear as talking between two landline phones.”

“Besides my automatic life raft, my GSP-1700 is probably the most important piece of safety equipment I carry on my charter boat.” 
Upon completion of his independent review, Gibson decided to make the switch himself. Not only is he a fan of the speed at which the phone acquires a signal and the clarity with which a call comes through, but he is also pleasantly surprised by the affordability of the GSP-1700 handset and Globalstar’s friendly customer service.
His GSP-1700 now serves as an essential tool for a secure and safe trip. He says he’ll never leave the dock without it.
“Besides my automatic life raft, my GSP-1700 is probably the most important piece of safety equipment I carry on my charter boat,” says Gibson. “I’ve learned that you need to be prepared for any situation that comes up, and the ability to get a clear phone call quickly is peace of mind that allows me to focus my efforts on the job I’m paid to do—putting my clients on fish!”