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Connectivity Can Be Accomplished with Globalstar

Globalstar provides reliable SATCOM connectivity for remote projects with cost effective monthly service plans, and aggressive price points for organizations needing remote satellite connectivity.

Global connectivity is critical in most industries as it provides the knowledge for remote business optimization, remote worker safety, project efficiency, and maximum ROI on remote projects. In the past organizations struggled to find a reliable and cost effective satellite carrier that had attractive price points. 

One of the biggest challenges Fortune 500 companies in the past have faced was how to track and monitor in real time remote critical assets and remote workers cost effectively, and protect their CAPEX and OPEX yearly budgets. 

The IoT and the B2B world of remote connected devices has an affordable and reliable satellite networking business partner in Globalstar to help them stay within their yearly budget numbers, and monitor their remote workers and remote critical assets. The SmartOne Solar asset tracking device by Globalstar is a great example of a satellite tracking option powered by the sun that has an attractive monthly pricing plan to give organizations the coverage they need on remote projects.

The Globalstar satellite networking product portfolio offers a variety of affordable satellite-enabled Commercial IoT devices to manage critical assets in remote areas, and protect remote workers by giving them a reliable form of communication. With an integrated end to end enterprise grade business solution, SPOT My Globalstar offers real time enhanced mapping services that allows safety managers and project managers to remotely run projects in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Industry Challenge:
Get improved visibility of remote critical assets and remote workers in real time without paying exorbitant
monthly service and overage charges.

Utilizing the product portfolio suite backed by the Globalstar satellite network, organizations of all sizes now have affordable monthly service options to monitor remote critical operations and remote workers with plans by Globalstar ranging from as low as $8.95 per month to $34.95 per month.

Industry Challenge:
The IoT world is dominated by aggressive startup companies from Silicon Valley and other places and at times they need to use the Satellite networks for their M2M and IoT projects to view remote assets and projects in real time.

Globalstar is a satellite industry leader that understands the needs of IoT developers and IoT companies that are trying to bring new products to the market place, and Globalstar understands that competitive pricing business models are needed to help the IoT ecosystem want to invest in more projects that are SATCOM IoT related. 

Industry Challenge:
How can organizations with razor thin budgets effectively manage the back office support piece of a remote project that is essential to monitoring worker safety, and remote business offices and remote projects?

The back office support by SPOT My Globalstar provides location-based based mapping solutions for Globalstar GPS tracking devices such as the SmartOne Solar and the SPOT X. Safety Managers and Project Managers can interact with all devices and their remote colleagues from a centralized cloud-based platform that provides live and historical tracking of personnel, vehicles, and critical assets.

Our platform allows customization capabilities that accommodate the needs of businesses of all sizes, with fleets ranging from dozens to thousands. SPOT My Globalstar is ideal for managers that need real-time access to data that gives them real time insights and advanced reporting features in order to make more informed operational business decisions that can save time, money, and lives.