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Satellites at Work

Volatile commodity prices, scarce resources, environmental concerns, health and safety, and now, leveraging the massive amounts of data produced across the value chain are among the key challenges facing energy, mining and forestry companies. Increasingly, businesses in these industries are looking to the next generation of satellite solutions to bring dependable, fast, mobile coverage to operations and to connect their growing IoT networks. Satellite transmitters, remote asset tracking modems and satellite messaging devices are helping businesses optimize decision making, improve competitiveness and worker safety by enabling a fully and reliably connected global value chain.

Globalstar’s SmartOne Solar is a satellite modem with a solar-powered battery that is certified Intrinsically Safe with unparalleled safety/device certifications such as ATEX Class I Zone 0: Division 1. It is being used in North America’s oil and gas industry to enable a range of remote, real-time asset management capabilities. Using an onboard GPS receiver, these modems are programmed to track an assets location, movement via motion alerts, and offer event driven reporting via the available 2 dry or wetted voltage inputs. In addition, the Smartone Solar provides TTL serial input capability which provides an interface path for a variety of sensors and external data devices that can be used to report automated meter reading, monitoring and reporting for storage tanks fuel levels, flow and leakage of pipelines.
Couple the SmartOne’s capabilities with Globalstar’s powerful SPOT My Globalstar cloud-based software suite and you get the ability to provide status reports and emergency alerts by email or text to schedule maintenance and avoid catastrophic failures in the field without having to send an employee to the site on a scheduled basis to physically review equipment. This leads to significant cost savings and helps minimize environmental impact.
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